Uniter4Water is focused on serving the needs of clients working in or entering the water, energy and food nexus, a term that describes the linkage of these three essential items. Meeting the growing global needs for these vital commodities is one of the major challenges facing the world. It is also a business opportunity. The nexus describes the magnitude of the challenge and the scope of the opportunities

Water is vital for all life, but the linkage goes beyond that. Water is needed for the production of both energy and food. In today’s world, energy is crucial for the pumping, purification, and distribution of water. Energy also is necessary for agriculture and the processing, preservation, and distribution of food.

When water is scarce because of droughts, the supply of food decreases and the price increases. When the price of energy increases the price of food increases. Greenhouse gas emissions from the production of conventional energy, pollutes the atmosphere and contributes to climate change, impacting the supply of water and directly affecting the supply and cost of food. This is the nexus.