About us

United4Water (U4W) is an international consulting firm serving clients working in or entering the water-energy-food nexus. U4W tailors its assistance to meet the particular needs and circumstances of each client, and can bring together experts in the skills and areas needed to develop well-researched and well-conceived strategies and solutions.

The core competencies of United4Water are: business development, including identifying business opportunities, development of strategy, and preparation of proposals; relations with national and local governments, international organizations, and non-government organizations; program and project development, planning, and management; obtaining funding for programs and projects from public and private sources; public relations, including community relations and social responsibility activities; and, in cooperation with our partners, branding and marketing programs.

United4Water is founded on the concept that achieving a sustainable and sufficient global supply of clean water and energy, without damage to the environment and without contributing to the pollution of our atmosphere and oceans, is essential for human wellbeing, economic development and preservation of the environment, and is also a business opportunity; where innovation, social responsibility and environmental stewardship are competitive advantages.