Client Services

Our firm offers core competencies in business development, government and public relations, project planning, resource mobilization, CSR program development and implementation.

Business development can take many forms. It can be entering a new area of business or launching a new product. It can be entering a country or regions. It can be competing for a new project and/or a new customer. United4Water can help by providing strategic consulting regarding business opportunities, market entry strategies, government and public relations for companies looking to expand their operations or market into the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, North America, or the Orient.

Proposal Preparation is vital in competing for new projects. A good proposal does not guarantee success (there may be good proposals by competitors), but a less than good proposal guarantees failure. Proposal preparation involves both analysis (meet the customer’s requirements in all senses) and art (present your strengths effectively). U4W can provide expert assistance in proposal strategy and preparation, including analysis of customer requirements, strategy development, organizing the proposal preparation process, and content development;

These services can be provided as part of business development or separately.
They include assistance in:

— Proposal preparation, described above;

— Project development and planning, which should commence before proposal preparation and continue as long as necessary to produce a complete and integrated project plan covering work scope, resources, duration, and finances;

— Selection and implementation of appropriate systems and controls for management of project work, resources, and finances, and as may be required by our client’s customer(s);

— Contract and subcontract management, including meeting customer requirements, managing finances, measurement of performance.

To obtain the resources needed to accomplish a program or project, the services provided by United4Water include assistance in:

— Determining the resources required and developing the strategy to obtain the resources;

— Preparation of proposals for grants or other potential sources of funds; proposal preparation services are described under Project Planning and Management;

— Development of fundraising programs, including organizing the program, preparation of publicity and presentation material, use of the media, and arrangement of events.

In the 21st century, a CSR program is good for the communities in which a corporation conducts operations and good for the corporation. United4Water can serve corporations that want to develop or enhance a CSR program (or programs) by providing assistance in the following areas:

— Identification of suitable objectives or targets for CSR activities;

— Planning and organizing the program(s);

— Appropriate contacts and liaison with national and local governments, community leaders and international organizations regarding the program and its activities;

— Public relations and publicity for the program and for the corporation’s relationship with the program;

— Management of the CSR program. If desired, United4Water can manage a CSR program under a separate management contract.

Note that United4Water also can provide these services for a foundation or other philanthropic organizations desiring to establish a specific program.

In conjunction with any of its other services, United4Water can arrange and manage the following services.

— Development of a marketing program and material;

— Development or enhancement of a website and content;

— Development, implementation, and maintenance of a social media programs to attract interest and support;

— Public relations and news media relations, and concept or product branding.